Mission & Philosophy

Our purpose is to educate children by teaching to individual learning styles using a multi-sensory approach. Our goal is to appreciate each unique individual, instill self-confidence, and help children regain the joy of learning through movement, exploration, and discovery.

Shands School is a nonprofit academic organization welcoming children and families who are looking for a better fit for their educational needs.

We believe learning should be natural and joyful process. Our multisensory approach with a theme based curriculum engages the students at their level of learning. Mastery of foundational skills is the first step in the learning process. When students develop an understanding of concepts, there is motivation to expand their knowledge. Shands teachers empower students to develop thinking skills through experiential lessons.

When we met with the Director of Shands, we immediately knew she understood our child and had genuine concern for not only Will’s academic success, but also his success in life.
  -The Carr Family
Open Enrollment for 2019-2020 Year