Theme-based Curriculum

Math Workshop: Individual lessons
Grade appropriate activities to enhance math skills at the students’ level.

Movement: Exercise classes
Kung Fu, Yoga and outdoor free time are part of the day.

Language Arts: Literacy and Writing
We offer a writing lab and chose 3-4 novels over the course of the year. All classes are appropriate to the students’ skill level.

Social Studies:Where in the World?
Map reading, geography, and history are intertwined with literature.

Gardening: Where Does Food Come From?
The importance of sustainable gardening is combined with math calculations, climate studies and diversity.

Science: Focus will be placed on climate, sustainability, conservation and projects to support a greener world for the future.

Arts: 2018 theme will begin with knitting and encompass all aspects of where yarn comes from, how you spin yarn,  natural dyes, the economics of import/export, geography, raising sheep/alpacas and a humanitarian project that will be completed in December.

Open Enrollment for 2019-2020 Year